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about us is an interactive website that takes the guesswork, frustration, and mystery out of airline checked baggage allowance and fee information for travelers and travel agencies. provides travelers with instant access to the most up-to-date airline checked baggage allowances and fees based on the specific traveler, number and weight of planned checked bags, and airline/itinerary specific information. The user simply enters the itinerary and bag details into the iflybags website, and it instantly and dynamically calculates the best option for travelers planning to check bags with their airline.
iflybags utilizes industry-standard data and a patent-pending rules-and-pricing engine that evaluates, optimizes, and presents the best combination of checked bags for multiple travelers on a single itinerary, taking into account traveler frequent flyer status as well as specific and dynamic rules submitted by the airline.
With data from over 300 airlines, is the destination for travelers looking for checked baggage information.
Airlines are continuing to update and file their baggage rules and allowances. If you encounter any errors or irregularities, please send details of your search and results to We welcome your input and feedback.

disclaimer provides a calculation of baggage allowances and fees based on the information provided by the passenger and the data available from the airline at the time of the search. However, the baggage policies of an airline may vary based on additional criteria, which the passenger may not have entered, and the airlines may change the baggage pricing between the time of the iflybags calculation and the time of a passenger’s flight. Therefore, the actual price of the baggage may vary at time of purchase. does not guarantee accuracy in price estimates and, due to these variables, the information provided through is to be used as an estimating guide only. You may want to visit the airline’s website for additional information.
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the baggage fees calculator will allow you to get the most accurate fees and allowances.
iflybags takes the guesswork out of checked baggage fees and allowances